I Look Stupid: The First Film Years Photo Zine

"I Look Stupid: The First Film Years"
Film Photography from 1998-2003 by Matthew Kadi

This is a 6x9, 68 page black and white photo zine. Lots of early Monster Squad and friends photos, Dropkick Murphys/Oxymoron, Citizen Fish and Aus Rotten at Gilman, Papa Roach at our community center in Vacaville, our first tour with The Escaped and random shots of us being teenagers.

These are some of my favorite shots starting around 10th grade, up until the first Monster Squad tour, where said camera decided to stop working. Shortly after that, I got a digital camera which made documenting tour much cheaper.

Zine is limited to 75 copies. To order, please visit: https://monstersquad.bandcamp.com/merch/i-look-stupid-the-first-film-years

To purchase individual prints of images in the zine, please visit: